Our Projects

We believe it is time for all organizations working to benefit Syrians and Syrian civil society to collaborate, share resources and exponentially grow the collective impact. To that end, we select projects aligned with our mission, and run them in collaboration with implementing organizations enabling us to focus on outreach, fundraising and impact analysis to ensure we can scale our effort

Digital Diplomacy, Media and Advocacy Training

In collaboration with the Very Important Projects Fund (VIP.fund), a US-based 501c3, we are running a media training program for Syrian Journalists.

The program provides journalism, digital media, and media entrepreneurship training delivered by experts in the three respective fields from leading international organizations.

The program is delivered online, and runs for 6 months. The outcome is a website, and content reflecting the skills acquired by participants. The program runs two cycles this year supporting over 200 journalists and youth interested in digital media.

Education and Life Training

Funding University Students in collaboration with edSeed & The Estebar & Wajih Barazi fund. edSeed – a crowdfunding platform established in 2015 by the Very Important Projects Fund (VIP.fund) a US based 501c3 to support the higher education funding of students impacted by conflict.

edSeed is in beta, and has funded over 80 students to date. SRI will collaborate with the VIP.fund to support the operation and expand student funding through its network.

SRI will collaborate with  Estebar & Wajih Barazi Fund was established by their daughter Mai Barazi in 2018. The Barazi Fund support Syrian students in continuing their higher education and aim for brighter future to rebuild Syria.

Leveraging the edSeed crowdfunding platform, the fund will provide a baseline of financial support and encourage the larger crowdfunding donor community to match and top up student campaigns. All funds are directly sent to educational institutions to cover student fees and living expense.